Satcomm Electronics


Satcomm Installations was established in January 2013.

Our outlook on business and our customers are what makes our company a leader in our field. With over 25 years experience in the electronics field, we bring all of our knowledge and experience to each and every customer. Whether its hooking up your tv and vcr, installing your antenna or satellite dish, installing a security or camera system, or setting up a Peer To Peer (PTP) or Peer To Multi-Peer (PTMP) Network, we take pride in what we do, that's our main goal. If we aren't proud of the work we do, how can we expect anyone else to be? On the journey towards our goal, we like to help customers by offering professional services and installations at an affordable cost, so they can be proud of the job we've done as well.

In 8 years this message hasn't changed, because it doesnt need to.

We change with the times and keep up with technology, but we are still the same customer service oriented company we have been since the beginning :)