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There are many types of splitters for different types of uses. Two, Three, Four way splitters  up to 16 way splitters.

We have a large selection, too large to list. Send us a message, tell us what you are splitting and how many outputs and we will find the right splitter with the right frequency level and low loss.

REMEMBER: You can split Cable Tv and Antenna signals, but you can not split satellite signals. Switches are needed for this.

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Preamps and Boosters

Digital TV Boxes

Rotors and Controllers

Splitters and Combiners

Splitters And Combiners

These are some of the products we have available in these categories. We have access to 1000's of products so if you can't find what you are looking for, or you have any questions about any product, service or issue, send us a message, email, text or simply call us at 613-330-6167

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Updated January 1, 2021

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