Satcomm Electronics

The update will start to download and install. Don't be alarmed if it seems to stick at 99%, the update is installing at this point. Be patient and let it finish. Once the update is complete, it will show Uninstall where it previously had Update. Right click your mouse or use the back button on your remote and go back to Available Updates and update the next app. Repeat this process until there are no apps showing under available updates. Remember, do not update Kodi or Apex Launcher.

Scroll down the list to the Available Updates section. There you will see what apps have an update available. Click on the app you wish to update.

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is basically like Google Play Store, it used for keeping some of your current apps up to date. You can also download new apps from Aptoide TV, but it isn't recommended as you may run out of memory if you download too many apps in your device. Not all the apps have updates here. Some of the apps you may be using have updates within the apps. NOTE: Do not update Kodi or Apex Launcher. This will cause these two apps to stop functioning.

Once the window opens, look for the word Update on the top menu, click twice on it to start the update.

When you click on the app icon and the app starts, you will see this menu on the side bar. Click on My Apps to show the list larger.