Satcomm Electronics

To the right of the menu button is a drop down menu to change the content displayed

As with most apps, the menu is located at the top left corner once you open the app. Here you can choose what to search for.

Wait a few minutes as the links will show up but are not ready to be selected until the size of the file appears, the larger the file size, the higher the quality. Keep in mind that if a link doesn't work, go back and choose another. It will take some getting used to to know which links work.

Choosing movies will display the most popular movies available

Choose any other selection or genre to change the movies or tv shows displayed.

The opening page defaults to show tv shows. To search for current available links for movies, select movies.

Cinema HD Movies

This is generally a search engine app. It has movies and tv shows. When you choose a movie or tv show to watch, it searches the internet to find sources for what you have selected and displays the links in a list for you to choose from. If you choose a link and it doesn't work, or you don't like the quality, simply choose another link. This has in app updates. If you open the app and there is an update available, follow the directions to install it.

Once you have chosen a movie, an image of the movie will appear. Simply click on the play symbol in the middle of the picture to start generating sources