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Cyberflix TV

This is an excellent app for content. It is constantly being updated by the development team. You can find great quality links and fast servers here. This app is a search engine for content for movies and tv shows.

Once you choose a link, your content will play. If you get a message asking you to choose a player, choose the Exo Player, even though it says discontinued. The cyberplay media player is not working. If your content does not play, go back and choose another link.

When you click on the play button, the app searches and displays links to your content.

When you open the app, the screen will appear with a selection of movies showing.

Showing the menu selected.

At the top right hand corner you can see the play button, click on this to search for sources for your choice. As you see, you can also choose to view the trailer for your selection, or click on the star to add it to the favourites list.

The menu is at the top left corner, three bars, as it is with most apps. Here you can choose to search for movies or tv shows. Also, the drop down menu beside it can be change to select different movies or tv shows by genre, rating etc.

when you click on the main page icon to view the tv show or movie you have chosen, a page will appear showing your choice and info about it.

A list of links will display, wait a few minutes to generate more links. Once the link shows the file size, you can choose it. Remember, the higher the file size, the better the quality.