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Once you click on Junk Clean, the app will run itself until it's finished. It will search your memory and storage for unneeded files.

There are 5 options here, you only use the Junk Clean, do not use the others unless you are on a smart phone. They don't do anything for an android box.

Easy Clean App

The Easy Clean app is for keeping your device running smoothly by cleaning out unneeded files and junk. Using this app on a regular basis, say about every 10 hours of use, will keep your apps from getting clogged up.

It will display the amount of space it's cleaning, then start to delete them all. Once its completed, it will show "cleaned" and an ad will appear. Right click or use the back button on your remote to back up to exit the app.

Easy Clean is located on the bottom left side of the screen. Beside the icon for Internet Browser.