Satcomm Electronics

When the app starts, the main screen shows choices of top albums etc. You can scroll sideways to see more. Click on your choice.

At the top of the page you can type what you are searching for then press the green enter button a the right center of your on screen keyboard.

Once you click on the app, this screen will appear. This is the loading screen, don't be surprised if it seems stuck as it takes a few minutes to load all the information for the app.

To search for your music or artist, click on the menu button at the top left corner. Then click on the search symbol ( magnifying glass).

Fildo Music

Fildo Music provides access to streaming MP3 music files for you to listen to. You can search by artist, title, year, genre etc.

It will take a minute or so to load all the information on your choice. Here you can choose tracks, albums etc. When you play a file, the player controls are at the bottom of your screen.