Choose the link you want to try by clicking on the open circle to change it to orange, then click on play to watch the episode. DO NOT click on download, only PLAY!!

Choose one of the links by clicking on the circle on the left of the link to turn the open circle orange.

Click on the circle to choose the season you want to watch to choose an episode from that season.

There are many choices here like tv shows, live tv etc.

Free Flix HQ

Free Flix HQ has access to movies, tv shows and more. It is on the Live TV side of your home screen because it does have live tv as well but sometimes that part of the app doesn't function as well.

Click on the episode you wish to view and the window will open with links to choose from.

This will do the same as the movies, show your choice with some information and the buffering symbol. Once the buffering stops and the WATCH button appears, click on WATCH to see the seasons available.

When the app finds links, the buffering symbol will turn into the WATCH symbol pictured here. Click on that symbol to see the links generated.

Then at the bottom right of the link screen, choose play to view your choice for that link. If the link doesn't work, or buffers too much, go back and try another one. DO NOT hit download, always hit play!!

When the app opens, the default is movies. To change this, click on the menu button at the top left corner.

When you choose a movie, the screen will open like this showing the movie and information. You will also see a symbol that looks like a buffering symbol where it says WATCH. The app is searching for links.

Click on the PICK SEASON symbol to bring up the list of seasons to choose from.

If you chose TV Shows from the menu, your screen will appear similar to this. Choose which tv show you want to watch.

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