Satcomm Electronics

After that, your channel may play, or it may ask for you to download MX Player. MX Player is used by a few apps and is safe to install, so click on the install button at the bottom right.

This will bring you right onto the download page for MX Player. Click install to begin installing the player.


The app is asking you to choose a media player. You will only see this screen once if you do this properly. First, click on MX Player.

When you open the app, you will see a list of channel logos, and across the top of the screen you can see different genres.

Next,  click on the word ALWAYS at the bottom right corner of the pop up window.

This screen will pop up asking where you would like to download the file from. Choose Aptoide TV. You can choose Google Play store if you are registered for it. Not really recommended, just use Aptoide TV.

After clicking on Aptoide TV, click on ALWAYS at the bottom right corner.

 Live Net TV

Live Net TV is generally an app containing links to hundreds of channels in from different countries. They have recently added a video on demand movie section which works well. You may receive a message at the beginning about which player to use. The directions below will help you resolve that issue

The different genres are acroos the top of the screen. Click on a tab to see channels of thatt genre. Again, after your choice, scroll down to see channels from different countries for the genre.

After it is finished installing, it should close and bring you back to Live Net TV. If not, right click your mouse or use your back button on your remote to get to the main screen. Reopen Live Net TV and continue.

The menu is located by clicking on the 3 bars at the top left corner of the screen. In the menu you can access more features such as the new VOD section where you can find movies on demand.

To see channels from more countries, scroll down the list.