Satcomm Electronics

To find live tv channels, click on channels here.

If you have an issue moving the screen around, you can simply click once on a channel to move the screen left, right, up or down. Click once on any channel and the screen will move to center that channel. Click again on the channel to view it. For example with this pic. trutv is highlighted in the middle, so to move to the right click on amc, to move to the left click on TNT, to move up click on HGTV, and to move down click on HBO. The same idea works diagonally as well.

The main screen open to show choices to find content. After you choose some channels, they will show up at the top of this screen as recently watched.

The list of channels is displayed and you can choose one by clicking on it. The language the channel is in is listed at the bottom of the channel description.


The Mobdro app has been around for years and is a good app for live tv channels. Although most channels are not HD, there are lots of choices and most work all the time with little buffering. The channels section is the most popular. There are other sections like movies and tv shows BUT they are not on demand. These sections play 24 hour streams and the TV show episodes are never in order.