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Newest Movies HD

Newest Movies HD is an app that contains movies and tv shows. It has been reliable and has been around for a few years. Updates can be difficult for someone who is not so techsavy as it installs the update as a second app. Look below for details to help complete an update.

Here you can choose to view movies, tv shows and even cartoons. For this example we choose Movies.

The search engine works really well, sometimes you can find what your looking for just by typing in part of the movie title.

The next screen will show available sources for your choice. Click on one of the choices on this screen.

A popup window will appear and may have other quality choices. Click on the circle to highlight your choice.

The main screen opens to default as New Update. This shows newly added movies, tv shows etc. Click on the menu (the three bars) at the top left of the screen.

At the top right of the screen is the search button where you can search for movies by title.

Next click on PLAY at the bottom right of the popup window. NEVER CLICK DOWNLOAD! You choice should begin to play, if it doesn't, or the message This video cannot play appears, simply right click your mouse, or use the back button on your remote to try another link.

To start to watch your choice, click on the Episode tab at the top right. Even if it is a movie, the word Episode will be where you click.

A window will open showing your choice and some info about it. There are two tabs at the top of the page, Info and Episode

As you start to type, choices appear based on what you are typing. Once the movie you are looking for appears, click on it.

Displayed is a list of popular movies, as well as some older movies.