Satcomm Electronics

<<The next screen will show the app searching for sources. Once the sources load, click on one of them. Click play on the popup screen>>>>>>

Once the app is finished installing, click on done to go back to the app.

<<The icon that looks like a little clipboard will open the section showing upcoming new tv series scheduled>>>>>>

<<When you make a choice, this screen will show info about it. In the center of the picture, click on the play button.>>>>>>

<<The icon that looks like a film strip will open the movies section with some choices>>>>>>>

The app will begin downloading, don't worry about the message about google play, it will go away when your done.

You may see this message if its the first time you use the app. This app requires this player to view content so go ahead and click install

Tea TV App

The Tea TV App has lots of movies and tv shows featuring many genres and sorting to find what you are looking for. This app also has a live tv channel section for M3U lists, but it's not advised to use the live tv as it will disappoint you. The menu section has no words o it, only an icon representing each section. Click on all of them if you wish and look through the content available. The menu links are described below.

<<The icon that looks like a square with the word HD will open the section of HD quality movies>>>>>>

<<The icon that looks like a rocket ship will open a discovery section with special content>>>>>>>

<<The square icon with the word tv will open the live tv section showing available lists. This usually doesn't work. >>>>>>

After choosing your movie or tv show to view follow these steps.

Once the app is downloaded, this screen will appear. Go to the bottom left corner and click on install.

This is the appearance of the main screen, the menu is quite visible on the left of the screen. The following pics describe each icon in the menu.

<<The icon with the three shapes will open the list of genres to choose from, the selecton brings up movies and tv shows.>>>>>>

<<The icon that looks like a tv screen will open the tv shows section with some choices>>>>>>>