Satcomm Electronics

The settings window will open displaying the choices for adjusting the settings in the app.

The channel will be shown half screen when it starts, you can click on the screen and then click on the square icon at the bottom right to make it full screen. You can change this in the settings to always play full screen, click on the menu at the top left corner, the three lines.

Click on the circle here to change it to Full Player.  Once you have changed it here, right click or use the back button on your remote to go back. Choose a channel and click on it. If it opens full screen, then your all set, if not, right click or use the back button to back out of the app to the main screen and reopen the app.

When the menu opens, you can choose to search for channels according to genre as well. Go down the list and click on settings.

This is the main page when you open the app. If you scroll down you will see more channels in alphabetical order. Click on any of the channel logos to view that channel.

Here you look for Select Player View. As you can see in this picture, it is showing Small Player. If it says Full Player, you don't have to change anything. Click here to change it to Full Player.


USTV Hub was created by the developers of the TV TAP app. They have taken all the HD US channels and grouped them into one app Very quick and responsive and great quality channels are available.