This is the main page of the app. The cogwheel icon is to go into settings, the play icon is for video on demand, which has some content but not stable sources. Click on the TV icon to access the live tv channel listings

This window will popup asking to login, just click on the login symbol. You don't need to have a login for this app, it has auto login. NOTE: If the online users shown is close to the number of maximum users, don't  bother, you will get a lot of buffering. Usually never gets that high.

Now click on any channel in the list to view it. To go full screen and remove the menu, click twice on the screen. You may get a channel offline error, simply choose another channel. Channels don't stay offline for long, a day or two, so go back and try the failed channel again and it may be working.

The flags on the side represent different countries and languages. Click on one of the flags to change the list to channels from that country.

V-Sat Live

This is a live stream app full of channels from all over the world. It can be a bit tricky to navigate, it takes patience as it takes a bit longer to load than most apps. But once its open and working, the streams are good quality.

It takes a few minutes for all the channels and countries to load. Once they are loaded and you see the country flags on the left, its ready and will work good. Trying to click on a channel before the flags all show up will cause it to run slow.

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